June (AMA Nzinga) White
Owner and Movement Therapist

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Meet YOur Stretch Therapist

Hi guys! My name is June White and I am a bodyworker! I am a Movement Therapist working on obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Occupational Therapy.
I look forward to starting this journey towards healing with you!

Making Pain A Distant Memory!

We're a unique mobile business (also with a physical location) dedicated to reaching open minded people who are looking for alternative ways to rid themselves of chronic pains/dysfunctions and to live a pain free life.

Healing Hands Oasis™ - June White, FST


134 W. Pepper Place

Mesa, Arizona 85201

"Who Are We & What Do We Do?"

Healing Hands Oasis™ (H2O) is in the business of making pain a distant memory using unique modalities consisting of Assisted Stretching, Muscle Testing, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, and Reiki. Whether you're active or not, work a desk job or run around with kids all day, these modalities help to relieve stress and pain in the body; and to minimize chronic dysfunctions. Not to mention, we travel to you and work right out of the comfort of YOUR home and or office!

Each therapist here is considered a bodyworker. A bodyworker is anyone who engages in any therapeutic or personal development technique that involves working with the human body in a form involving manipulative therapy, breath work, or energy medicine.