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Why Movement Therapy?

Join me at Healing Hands Oasis™ to experience a session of Movement Therapy. All modalities are either experienced separately and or combined, whatever your body needs to achieve optimal functionality. See below to find out how each unique modality can you to reduce stress in the body, increase your range of motion, improve functional movement, and balances your body, mind, and energy.

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Assisted Stretching - are various forms of assisted stretches that the practitioner performs on you allowing you to achieve a sense of true balance within the body and creates proper space between your joints while the body-worker guides your muscles (& fascia) into places it couldn't reach on it's own.

Neurokinetic Therapy - a form of muscle testing that helps to improve complete body functionality by correct dysfunctional neurological pathways created via compensations for minor to major bodily injuries.

Trigger Point Therapy - a form of palpation of the muscles that allows the practitioner to find fascial adhesions throughout the body. Once found the practitioner applies pressure on the muscles to alleviate stress within the fascia and allows for better flow and movement of connective tissues.

Acupressure - a form of healing that allows the body to restore its natural balance of chi throughout each organ of the body. This form of healing is just like Acupuncture but for those that prefer a more non-invasive method to bringing balance to the body.

Reiki - a form of energy healing that also restores natural balance of chi throughout each chakra in the body. This form of healing is relaxing and brings peace of mind.